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2011Surrogate Alternatives, Inc. specializes in third party reproduction through Surrogate Parenting and Egg Donation.  Our agency has been helping create families since March of 1998. We have assisted over 1,200 clients worldwide.

We are one of the few agencies that offers online access to profiles of all Available Surrogates and Egg Donors at NO charge to Intended Parents.  We want to ensure we have a Surrogate or Egg Donor you are interested in before you commit to us in any way.  Once you are ready to begin the process, you are one step closer to becoming a parent! Contact us today for a cost-free, no obligation consultation with one of our case managers at our office, by phone or through Skype.

For more information visit our website at www.SurrogateAlternatives.com or you may find us on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/SaiCorp or on Twitter at: <a title="Surrogate Alternatives on Twitter"


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  1. Do you actually have a baby, or do you just take the eggs ?

    I’m kinda confused about the process

    • Our agency offers BOTH services 🙂 Surrogate Mothers carry a child for an infertile couple. Many times the embryo that is created and carried by the surrogate is that of the couple and not the surrogate, she merely grows the child. That is called Gestational Surrogacy. There is also Traditional Surrogacy, which was used exclusively before they did IVF. This involves a women being inseminated with sperm from the father and the surrogate’s egg being utalized, which would mean the child would be biologically related to the surrogate. This is not done as often anymore.

      There is also Egg Donation, which is where the woman would agree to assist a couple, enter into a contract, be put on medication and undergo an egg retrieval procedure. The eggs they retrieve would then be fertilized with the sperm from the couple she has helped (or a sperm donor) and carried by the wife or a surrogate mother.

      I completely understand your confusion, it really is quite foreign to many people but working in this field it’s just like breathing to us. We live it day in and day out 🙂 I hope I have answered your question and I would be glad to answer any others if you still have questions.

  2. I’m interested in becoming a surrogate mother ….need more info.

  3. im interested in becomming a surrogate mother, im just sure how things work, is there a bunch of needles involved? Will any of the process hurt other then pregnancy, and labor?

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