Insurance for Surrogate Pregnancies

In today’s ever-changing world and with the new Obamacare health care reform plan on there being quite a few changes to health insurance provisions in the next few years. Many are asking just what is no longer going to be covered.

Health insurance companies typically have a lot of legalities and a great deal of “small print,” in their benefits and their exclusions and limitations, leaving policy holders uncertain of which services and procedures they are insured and which are not. For those who have intentions of starting a family or expanding their current family, oftentimes typical maternity and standard OB care is covered, as well as newborn coverage for a certain amount of time. Yet, for individuals and couples who are struggling with infertility and having trouble conceiving, insurance for routine maternity and newborn care is rarely covered. Using a surrogate mother may be their only option to become a parent, leaving them to wonder and worry whether or not this type of procedure is covered by their insurance plan.

Currently, there are a few insurance companies who will cover a surrogate pregnancy and delivery as well as insurance that was specifically put in place for this type of service, leaving the guessing out of what is and is not covered. Always be sure to check with the insurance company to verify coverage or more specifically their exclusions and limitations. In most cases, if there is not a specific clause that states that maternity care for a surrogate mother is not covered, they are required to cover her under the same provisions as any standard pregnancy and delivery.

It is always recommended that if you are uncertain, get another opinion by speaking with an attorney or insurance agent who is well versed in these types of situations.



About Surrogate Alternatives, Inc.

Established in 1998, Surrogate Alternatives has been in business longer then any other Surrogate or Egg Donation Agency in San Diego, California, thus providing a long standing reputation for being a leader in third-party reproduction. At Surrogate Alternatives, we believe that it takes a village to raise a child and sometimes takes a village to create one too! Our staff have the compassion and dedication necessary to give you peace of mind, hope and belief, that the chance to become a parent is within your reach. We understand how difficult the road has been to get to this point and our job is to make the rest of your journey as smooth as possible. Never give up on your dreams or feel alone, because when that happens you have lost the chance to succeed. We are here to show you that your dream of being a party is not just a dream, but can be your reality! We are proud to announce that as of the end of 2011, Surrogate Alternatives has been involved in the creation of over 750 babies and has assisted more then 1,200 people in their quest to parenthood. Connect with Diana Google Business Website

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