Why Choose Surrogacy?

Why Choose Surrogacy?

For couples who want a child but are unable to give birth, surrogacy is a very viable alternative. Rather than adopt a child who has no blood relation to you and your partner, with gestational surrogacy your sperm is comingled, through in vitro fertilization, creating an embryo which will become a child that is genetically yours. Another woman carries and gives birth to the child for you.

If gestational surrogacy is not an option for financial reasons, there is another form of surrogacy called “traditional surrogacy,” where the surrogate is inseminated with the intended father’s sperm. In the state of California through a pre-birth judgment, the surrogate will relinquish rights to the baby to the new parents, who become the legal parents upon birth.

You and your partner can choose how involved you would like to be in your surrogate’s pregnancy. There are cases in which couples choose to allow the surrogate to remain a part of their life after birth. You will pay the surrogate a fee for carrying the child along with her monthly expenses, legal and maternity costs. Expenses can include travel, health insurance, housekeeping, clothing, and loss of earnings. Finding a surrogate can be as simple as having a relative or friend carry the baby for you, or going through a reputable, established agency which matches potential surrogates with intended parents wanting a child.

If you are contemplating surrogacy, either as future parents or as a potential surrogate, below are several aspects of surrogacy to consider:

  • If for some reason you can’t conceive, surrogacy creates a chance for a couple to parent a child that is genetically theirs. This genetic link will be either through your egg, your partner’s sperm, or an embryo which was created from your egg and your partner’s sperm.
  • For gay couples, surrogacy offers a route to parenthood where at least one of the partners and in many cases, both parents can have a true genetic link to the child or children.
  • As a potential surrogate mother you have the chance to create a miracle for a couple who are unable to conceive. Your generosity will manifest itself throughout your life, knowing what a difference you have made in someone else’s. Research presented at the annual conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in Madrid, proved through interviews with former surrogates that surrogates suffered no severe emotional problems during pregnancy or after giving up the child.

Choosing to use a surrogate mother or becoming a surrogate is a life changing decision, and should be considered once all parties have done the proper research and are 100% certain they are ready for this big step.


About Surrogate Alternatives, Inc.

Established in 1998, Surrogate Alternatives has been in business longer then any other Surrogate or Egg Donation Agency in San Diego, California, thus providing a long standing reputation for being a leader in third-party reproduction. At Surrogate Alternatives, we believe that it takes a village to raise a child and sometimes takes a village to create one too! Our staff have the compassion and dedication necessary to give you peace of mind, hope and belief, that the chance to become a parent is within your reach. We understand how difficult the road has been to get to this point and our job is to make the rest of your journey as smooth as possible. Never give up on your dreams or feel alone, because when that happens you have lost the chance to succeed. We are here to show you that your dream of being a party is not just a dream, but can be your reality! We are proud to announce that as of the end of 2011, Surrogate Alternatives has been involved in the creation of over 750 babies and has assisted more then 1,200 people in their quest to parenthood. Connect with Diana Google Business Website

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  1. I know that there are a lot of people who are against surrogacy. They find it immoral. As for me find surrogacy as a solution for many infertile couples. It allows the couple to have a baby with their genes. We were one of those couples. I couldn’t conceive. That’s why the only opportunity to become a mother for me was surrogacy. My husband and I went through series of psychological and emotional issues and stress. The infertile couples can’t talk about moral and ethics if they know that they will not be able to be mothers. As for me I felt very disappointed. My family supported me. That’s why I found a place for hope. We spent days and nights searching for the clinic or agency. The doubts still didn’t leave my mind. At first we decided to go to the states. But our first experience was unsuccessful. We spent much money. In addition to the program’s price we had unexpected expenses. We realized that the second attempt wouldn’t be feasible for us. After USA we thought to go to Mexico. It’s also popular destination for infertile couples. But we didn’t go there as we read about terrible and unpleasant cases in the local reproductive medicine sphere. Surfing the Net, I found Ukrainian BioTexCom clinic. There are a lot of information about it, comments, and useful information from patients who have already gone through surrogacy programs in BioTexCom. I remember that we had fears to go there. We didn’t be there before. we didn’t trust the local medicine. After thinking a lot my husband and I decided to try our fortune – bought tickets and flew to Kiev. And I was impressed. It turned out to be much better than we thought. Beautiful country, qualified doctors, attentive and professional management in the clinic. The other attractive factor was the price. As for the price it was many times less than in States. We were met at the airport, accommodated in the hotel. Then we were taken to the clinic to have to see the doctor. I didn’t feel any discomfort in unknown country for me. Maybe because everything was included in the package. I want to say that meeting, transportation, accommodation, meals, etc. Besides of that there were included medical tests and doctor examinations.. It means that we know a fixed sum at once and don’t spend extra money. After the first attempt our surrogate mother got pregnant. We arrived to be present at the ultrasound with out surrogate. She looked so nice. She had her own child. We are really grateful to her. Now our girl is 1,5 years old. She is absolutely healthy and we even cant imagine how we lived without her!

  2. I think surrogate motherhood is a great step for our society. It should be allowed everywhere. Infertility is a common problem nowadays. It’s giving a mother a chance to have a child that is biological to her. Every woman should be given the chance to have her own child. She must have a right to feel the motherhood. The woman is not guilty because she physically isn’t able to bear. Of course, woman can adopt a child. However, she cannot be a biological mother to this child. That’s why surrogacy is ideal option. Genetically having a child that you’ve wanted would be a lot better then having one that isn’t. Just because someone else is having the child for you doesn’t mean it won’t be loved as much. It will be loved even more because it’s giving a woman a child So she couldn’t have by herself. The thing isn’t only in money. Only the biological mother is able to give love to her child of love to a person who can’t do that on their own. This is why surrogate motherhood should be allowed. The European Court of Human Rights recognizes the children born from surrogacy. It is an interesting video about this http://newseurope.info/video/surrogacy-a-form-of-planned-parenting-yet-to-win-eu-wide-acceptance/

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