Surrogacy and Friendships….

 You never really think about it or realize, that by deciding to become a surrogate mother you could make so many friends along the way.

I believe that Surrogate Alternatives plays a big part in creating these friendships. By putting together annual retreats and special events all year-long, which gives surrogates the chance to bond and establish true, meaningful friendships.

A surrogate once told me that she was with another agency and during that year, there was only one event where she got together with other surrogate mothers. It is very difficult to form any sort of bond or friendship this way.

Surrogate Alternatives is a hands-on agency, run by women who have been surrogate mothers themselves, so all of the hard work we do is because we understand and truly care about our surrogates and their journey. We want them to know what they are doing is special and they are appreciated 🙂

A surrogacy friendship is very special because it’s formed by two women who are complete strangers, who come together for a common goal. Surrogacy can be very trying and hard at times, with injections and failed transfers. Who can understand what you’re going through better than your surrogate friend who is also going through the process. You can give each other hope and strength with just a simple talk!

The best part is when you find out you are pregnant for you intended parents and your surrogate friend is so excited for you. She completely understands your joy, more so than anyone else in your family.

As a friend once told me about her journey, “I am beyond thankful for each surrogate mother I have been blessed to get to know. They are true angels on earth and I am lucky to be able to call them friends”.


About Surrogate Alternatives, Inc.

Established in 1998, Surrogate Alternatives has been in business longer then any other Surrogate or Egg Donation Agency in San Diego, California, thus providing a long standing reputation for being a leader in third-party reproduction. At Surrogate Alternatives, we believe that it takes a village to raise a child and sometimes takes a village to create one too! Our staff have the compassion and dedication necessary to give you peace of mind, hope and belief, that the chance to become a parent is within your reach. We understand how difficult the road has been to get to this point and our job is to make the rest of your journey as smooth as possible. Never give up on your dreams or feel alone, because when that happens you have lost the chance to succeed. We are here to show you that your dream of being a party is not just a dream, but can be your reality! We are proud to announce that as of the end of 2011, Surrogate Alternatives has been involved in the creation of over 750 babies and has assisted more then 1,200 people in their quest to parenthood. Connect with Diana Google Business Website

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  1. So true! I’m really going to miss going to the meetings and seeing all of you. I expected a lot of things during my journey, but getting close with other surrogates wasn’t one of them. It’s sad that it is coming to an end, but I deeply appreciate the friends that I’ve made, and am glad that the same possibility will be available for the surrogates of the future.

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