Infertility Options Available

Modern technology and old-fashioned networking have come together to provide many infertility options for prospective parents who need assistance to conceive. This quick overview of the various procedures and options available for those who wish to become parents can help you understand some of those many infertility options and how they might work for you.

Fertility Drugs
Doctors prescribe fertility drugs both on their own and as part of the in vitro fertilization procedure. These drugs are most useful for women whose fertility issues are caused by hormonal irregularities. The drugs regulate reproductive hormones and trigger the release of one or more eggs during the ovulation cycle. They have a success rate of about 20 to 60 percent especially when coupled with IVF, increase the odds of having twins and have many uncomfortable side effects.

If the fertility issues are caused by a genetic defect, endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes or another physical issue, surgery may be one of the most viable infertility options. The success rate for women treated for endometriosis with surgery is about 40 to 60 percent. The success rate for women who have surgery to clear their fallopian tubes is much harder to pinpoint. Reported conception rates after tubal surgery range from 10 to 90 percent.

Artificial Insemination
Artificial insemination involves injecting semen – either from your partner or from a donor – into your uterus. It generally requires that you take fertility drugs, and has a success rate of 5 to 25 percent.

In Vitro Fertilization
In IVF, the doctor removes eggs from your ovaries and fertilizes them in a laboratory with sperm from your partner or a donor. The resulting embryos are placed into your uterus to implant and continue the pregnancy. About 30 percent of women who undergo IVF conceive.

Embryo and Egg donation
A doctor uses IVF techniques to implant a donor egg or fertilized embryo into your uterus. The conception rate for women using IVF with an egg donor is about 43 percent.

Surrogate Mother
Gestational surrogacy is the official term for having a baby through a surrogate mother. Many clinics specialize in gestational surrogacy, making it far easier for prospective parents to meet, connect with and choose a surrogate mother with whom they are comfortable. In gestational surrogacy, the embryo may result from any combination of sperm and egg from either or both partners and/or egg or sperm donors.

Today’s parents have many infertility options when natural conception methods fail. Choosing the right method is a very personal decision to be made between the parents and their chosen medical professional. Research the various options available to you, and discuss them with your doctor to find the one that works the best in your situation.


About Surrogate Alternatives, Inc.

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